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Repeat Recall Letters

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Repeat Recall letters include the 2nd and 3rd notices sent to the patient informing them that they are “delinquent” for their return mammogram. The 2nd recall letter is sent when the patient is delinquent at least 1 month. The 3rd recall letter is sent when the patient is delinquent at least 2 months and is usually sent by registered mail. Mailing labels can also be generated for the recall letters. The body and format of the letter are hospital defined, but will include:


Patient Name
Previous Exam and Exam Date
Physician Name.


Repeat Recall letters are usually generated at the beginning of the month, following the update of the recall letters. 


Several options exist for Recall letters.

A letter sent to the patient.
A letter sent to the physician.
A letter sent to both the patient and physician.
A copy of the patients recall letter and a list of all patients due to return can also be sent to the referring physician with an accompanying cover letter.  The list will include:
Patients Name
Index Number
Account Number
Ordering Physician
Exam date
Recall code and description.


This is controlled in the Physician Maintenance Table of the Business Office Tables and is based on individual physician preferences.